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About Me ...

My name is Candy Christopher. I'm a married woman from Florida, I love Black Cock, I'm a pure slut for Dominant Black Men and I willingly spread my legs for Black Bulls whenever they want some married white pussy. My cuckold husband  has learned to accept the fact that his wife loves Black Cock and knows that since I got Black fucked his little white dick will never satisfy me again. We live a very unusual lifestyle and we've decided to document it here ... with our videos, our pictures and our personal journals.

This website is an ongoing documentary of a Real Cuckold Lifestyle and Relationship with a New Journal Entry from each of us and TWO New Photo Sets posted every week. If you're looking for A True Reality Website with No Staged Pictures and Real Home Videos, this is it. If you're tired of the same old commercial porn on the tube sites and free sites and are looking for Real Homemade Interracial videos and pictures, I invite you to
join me and enjoy me ... Black Men Do!

Here's some real quick information about me. First of all, I'm really a married woman from Florida. I've never been a dancer and I'm certainly not an escort or a hooker; just a regular housewife who happens to absolutely loves sex with big, strong Black Men. Off the internet for the most part, my husband and I do the same things you and your wife or any couple does and we live what most people call a "normal" life ... except that I have this thing for Black cock and my husband has this thing for watching me take it!

I fucked my first Black Man in 1995 and from the minute his big Black cock slid into me, I knew that sex with my husband would never be enough for me again. Although me fucking a Black Man had been my husband's fantasy, he never believed I'd really do it and was even more stunned when I told him that I was going to do it again and again and when and where I wanted and that I really wanted him to accept it. Of course, he did; it's exactly what he wanted ... plus, he loves me and knew that I was going to do it whether he liked it or not.

Over the years, my husband and my relationship has grown now to the point that by My choosing, we live a cuckold lifestyle 24 / 7 / 365. I am free to do anything - and anyone - I choose, and my husband has agreed to accept it. He takes care of me completely, has become an expert pussy eater and for the most part understands his position. He accepts both my desire and preference for Black cock without question and complies willingly with whatever I want him to do.  With the exception of a few close friends, and a couple of My lovers, no one had been aware of our lifestyle - that is, until now. We decided to build this website so people could see video and pictures of Me, read our journals and diaries and see this lifestyle like it really is.

Personal Info ...
My real name is Candice but my husband, and people who know me, call me Candy.

I've been happily married for over 30 years. We met when we were 12 years old, and have been together ever since

Just to make it clear, I'm crazy in love with my husband. What I do isn't a part of that. He and I agreed on what we wanted our life to look like and we made it happen and it works really well for both of us

I'm originally from Indiana and now live in South Florida on the beautiful island of Key West; and we are way south ... the nearest major city is Havana

I'm 5'3", weigh 118, and my measurements are 36C/25/36 (Yes, they're real). As you can see from my pictures, I have blonde hair and brown eyes

Favorites ...
Color: Pink of course
Food: Pizza ... I love it
Drinks: Margarita or Beer
Music: Country

Sexually, I enjoy almost any position. My favorite is "old fashioned missionary style" where I can get my legs up in the air. I also like to be on top, and I love oral sex . . . both giving and especially receiving! My absolute favorite is two men at once, and the biggest turn on for me with a man is knowing my cuckold husband is watching me. I also prefer to be fucked bareback. I deplore condoms and love the feel of a bare Black cock up inside of me and always cum when I feel a man shoot his cum in me.

I prefer to play with men while my husband is present so he can see it but occasionally fuck guys without him there. when I do that, I make sure that when I get home, he gets all the juicy details while he cleans me up

I'm attracted to good looking, well groomed Black Men who are self confident and have some social skills . . . in short, I'm attracted to gentlemen. Physically, I love arms, closely followed by a nice smile and I'm especially attracted to good looking Black Men with a shaved head. I don't have a 'boyfriend' or one guy I see (I did though for many years and there's a lot of pictures and video of us in my member area). I really prefer one nighters ... meeting a guy in a bar and going home for some great sex (Hey guys do it. Why can't I?)

Dancing and good conversation turn me on tremendously, but I'm not into walks on the beach, candlelight, or fine wine with other men; I have that at home.

Baseball caps, rubber sandals, and dirty hands are an immediate turn-off for me, along with macho attitudes, worn out pickup lines, and above all, arrogance. In short, I like nice guys who want to have a good time. (Well OK, I kinda like getting fucked by a thug type, too)

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