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My name is Candy Christopher. I'm a married woman from Florida, I love Black Cock, I'm a pure slut for Dominant Black Men and I willingly spread my legs for my Black Bull and his friends whenever they want some married white pussy. My cuckold husband  has learned to accept the fact that his wife loves Black Cock and knows that since I got Black fucked his little white dick will never satisfy me again. We live a very unusual lifestyle and we've decided to document it here ... with our videos, our pictures and our personal journals.

This website is an ongoing documentary of a Real Cuckold Lifestyle and Relationship with a New Journal Entry from each of us and TWO New Photo Sets posted every week. If you're looking for A True Reality Website with No Staged Pictures and Real Home Videos, this is it.

I had always been the strong one in our relationship and my husband knew that. He'd always had me make all the financial decisions and I can think of very few arguments I ever lost. Several years ago, he told Me his fantasy of watching a Black Man fuck Me. Along with being shocked, I was hurt and confused and for a very long time told him, "No way"!  We'd always been open with each other and I always sensed a submissive side to him and as he brought it up more and more, I detected a real undercurrent of submissiveness creeping into the conversations. Then, one night I shocked him and told him to set it up ... I knew I was safe 'cause I was sure he'd never do it.  Three weeks later, an acquaintance of ours named James (who happened to be a gorgeous Black man) was over and unlike any time before, the conversation turned to sex and fantasies. I decided to play a little and put a scare into my husband but the more I flirted the farther things went. Bob was in the kitchen getting beers when James came up behind me, turned me around and kissed me ... and to my surprise, I kissed him back. He immediately picked me up, carried me to the bedroom and before I really knew what was happening, we were in our bed, James was roughly fingering me and I was spreading myself open for him. He literally ripped my panties off, spread my legs and shoved his big Black cock into me without a word. He fucked me harder and deeper than any man ever had and without one single word, filled me with his cum. He got up and left me lying there, my panties ripped, his cum running down my ass and me, thrilled, confused and more turned on than I'd ever been in my life.  Five minutes later, he came back and said, "Bob can watch from the doorway; turn over." As I got on my knees, I looked back and saw my husband in the doorway jacking off and staring at James' huge cock as he buried it in me balls deep. I was screaming for him to fuck me and my husband was whining that it was too much ... but it was too late. I already belonged to this Black Man and we all knew it. James came in me again then sent me to clean up and when I got back, Bob was gone. I sucked James's cock again till he got hard then laid down and spread my pussy for him. As he entered me for the third time that night, I looked up and told him to make me a slut. After he left, my husband came in and just looked at me. My hair was a mess, my eye makeup was running down my cheeks and I had cum dripping from my now sore and swollen pussy. He got on top of me and as he put his dick in me all I could think of was how small he was. Thankfully, he came in about a minute and we fell asleep.

James came over the next two nights and basically repeated the scene from evening one. On the third night, he fucked me really rough, came in me again and after he pulled out, called my husband over. He pulled my head back by the hair and told us both that from then on, my sex belonged to him. When my husband started to protest, I spread my legs showing him my stretched out, cum filled pussy and told him it had to be this way and while he could still fuck me, we both knew that James' Black cock was far better than his small white dick and I could never be satisfied with just that again. I stared up at James then pulled Bob's face to my cum filled pussy and told him to clean me up.

As the months passed, I basically became pretty much of a slut for Black men and met several times with both James, his friends and with a couple of other guys I met online. While my husband was still turned on by the whole idea, especially when I'd tell him about it, I could tell he was a little unsure and was second guessing what he'd set up. 

At about this same time, I met and started fucking another Black man  who was incredibly handsome and as I soon found out, extremely Dominant as well. He loved fucking me really rough and whenever Bob was around, made sure to keep up a running commentary on what he was doing to me and how I was his slut and how much he liked fucking my married white pussy. I was with him for several months and during that time he helped me change my hair, the way I dressed and really confirmed my decision to start fucking Black Men. He fucked me whenever he wanted. He sent his friends around when they wanted some pussy and I never, ever denied him or them what I thought was theirs. One night he suggested I take My relationship with my husband to a true cuckold level, promising Me that it was the right thing to do. From then on, our lifestyle and our relationship changed forever.  It became clear that my husband needs this, as much as I want it, so it works well for both of us. I continued to see 'T' for some time and but really broke it off because I wanted the freedom to fuck who I wanted whenever I wanted. After dating around - well sleeping around - for a few months I ran into our old friend James again and since then have pretty much been fucking him whenever he wants along with several of his friends. Since then, I've fucked over 80 Black Men and willingly spread my legs for any Black Man that I'm attracted to.

My husband and my relationship has grown now to the point that by My choosing, we live a cuckold lifestyle 24 / 7 / 365. I am free to do anything - and anyone - I choose, and my husband has agreed to accept it. He takes care of me completely, has become an expert pussy eater and for the most part understands his position. He accepts both my desire and preference for Black cock without question and complies willingly with whatever I want him to do.  With the exception of a few close friends, and a couple of My lovers, no one had been aware of our lifestyle - that is, until now. We decided to build this website so people could see video and pictures of Me, read our journals and diaries and see this lifestyle like it really is.

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